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Ottawa retail tenants appreciate deep roots of Burnford Realty

What sets Greenbank Hunt Club Centre apart

While the neighbourhood and customer demographics of Greenbank Hunt Club Centre, along with the list of its attractive amenities may sell you on our retail space, there is more to the story. Something more elusive about what matters in successfully starting or relocating your business, and getting the best possible support on the ground now and down the road.

Krista Aselford of Burnford Realty
Krista Aselford, General Manager

Burnford Realty is the family-owned and operated company that runs Greenbank Hunt Club Centre. Its name came from the combination of the Burnside and Aselford families, and the firm was headed up for decades by West Ottawa native Garth Aselford. Garth had a strong vision for community-based residential, commercial and retail development and successfully transformed that vision into reality through multiple projects.

Deep community roots

Originally developed in the 1970s as Greenbank Square, today the shopping centre continues to be managed by Garth’s daughter, Krista (pictured). As the next generation owning and operating the Centre, Krista’s loyalty and commitment to the Centre, its tenants, and its customers is both magnified and deeper.

Krista and her team see the Centre and its tenants as an integral, extended part of their own family, and feel tremendous personal investment in seeing each and every business owner succeed. In Krista’s own words:

“I’m in this with you for the long haul – you will still see me next week, next month, next decade.”   Krista Aselford, Burnford Realty

There is more to what sets Krista and her team apart from other commercial landlords, including the fact that the Burnford Realty team members are not agents.  There is no fee or commission acting as a motivator. Instead, Krista and her colleagues care most about working with quality businesses run by owners with integrity.

No bureaucracy here!

You will always deal directly with the owner at Greenbank Hunt Club Centre, and not with third party agents or intermediaries. Says Krista: “Sometimes we may need time to think about a final decision, however, for the most part, we can handle things very efficiently and effectively.”

The Centre’s tenant mix is also representative of the community, with many business owners having grown up in and/or living in the neighbourhood around it. The tenant mix offers a great blend of neighbourhood necessities with some more unique destination businesses that together create a strong community flavour while also drawing customers from across the wider national capital region.

We’ll give the last word to one of the longest standing tenants at the Centre, who expresses sentiments shared by so many of the business owners at Greenbank Hunt Club Centre:

I’ve been a tenant with Burnford for 23 years but have worked at the center for 37.  Krista and her team have always been very supportive and generous with me and my staff.  Greenbank Hunt Club Centre is a wonderful community based environment.

Carrie McLean, Greenbank Flowers

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